Its getting close to racing season—are you ready?
The Club Members of Capitol Quarter Midgets Association would like to extend a warm WELCOME to all of our new members and especially to our rookie families!!
 There are a few details that we need to address.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your rookie director or any board member.  They are always happy to help!
First, for the Drivers:
•Know where your on/off switch is in the car
•Know which pedal is the brake and which is the gas
•Flags – you will need to learn what each color flag means and how to respond properly to it.
•The flagman’s signals
•Hand Signals – you and your parents/handlers will set up some type of signal so you know what each other is trying to say.  These are important because there are only a few times while racing (ie: cautions) when you can use these signals.
•Learning how to line up to begin or restart a race
•Learning how and when to pass
•What do I do in an emergency
Next, the Handlers:
•Make sure your driver knows where the on/off switch is
•Make sure your driver knows which pedal is the gas and which is the brake
•Practice the flags with your driver.  They MUST know what each flag means and the proper response for each.
•Bring your rookie book to each race
Although new drivers are taught racing basics, the real focus is on safety.  They will learn much of this the first racing season on the track in the rookie class.  Rookies racing other new drivers of their own age group.
Hand Signals – there are basic hand signals and you and your driver may come up with a few new ones.  There is usually a small opportunity for you and your driver to communicate during a caution during a race.  Keep hand signals simple and to a minimum.
REMEMBER:  they are kids and inexperienced behind the wheel.  They are in small quarters going pretty fast.  Distractions aren’t good!
REMEMBER TOO:  They may not look at you because they don’t feel they can take their eyes off what is going on in front of them.  That’s okay!!  We wan’t them to be safe, first!!!  They can tell you what the car is doing later!!!!

The Handler Meetings before each race is a very important part of race day!  There is valuable information at every meeting.  Please make sure you or an adult from your race team is present!!

Below are some links to some interesting info, facts and fun things to do. Please check them out!!

Don’t forget to go to our Documents Page to review the Rule Book, Code of Conduct and other important items.

Race Math