Everyone welcome! Spectators are free. Ready to give it a shot? Message us to set up a try-a-ride! Open to kids ages 5-16, all you need is closed toe shoes. capitolquartermidgets@gmail.com

2nd Annual
Hot Chute Scoot Scoot (Scooter Race)
RC Car Race

$20 per car- Sign-In will be donated to Racing for Kids, https://racingforkids.org/
Pre-registration required

UNO races!
Every 20 laps we will stop, draw a card, and change the line up depending on the card each driver draws.
Draw 2 = move back 2 spots
Skip = move up 1
Reverse = invert
Wild = 1st place
Wild draw 4 = 1st place, then choose someone to move back 4

Honda Red plate race 100 laps
World Formula race 60 laps

Following the Uno Races
Bonfire & Trailer trick or treating